Bulgaria is a country blessed by nature. The magnificent mountains and beautiful plains are only part of its richness – Black Sea coast is what we are most proud of. It is a harmonic mix of wild beaches, modern resorts and ancient cities. The coastline is 378 km long. The cristal clear water is perfect for diving and underwater observations and the beaches are known for their fine sand. Two mountains complete their march in the vast sea – Stara Planina with her end cape Emine and Strandzha to the south. The firths of river Ropotamo and Veleka will take your breath away. Old-timers Balchik, Nessebar and Sozopol will bring you back to one ancient world while modern Varna and Burgas will tempt you with their attractions. The most southern point of Bulgarian seaside Rezovo is located near river Rezovska, which is the country border. River waters are with moderate salinity and are perfect for swimming. Dolphins are the landlords of all this beauty. For a seven day voyage your chance of not seeing a dolphin is the same as the chance of not seeing a penguin in the South Pole. Hire a yacht in Bulgaria and enjoy the wonderful views, the memory of which will keep you warm during the cold winter days.

We offer you the opportunity to rent a boat at most affordable prices, to enjoy the most – beautiful beach destinations from different point of view.


Balchik is a town located on the North Coast, close to Romania. Inspired by the beauty of nature there, romanian Queen Mary has built one of the most impressive palaces in the country. Botanical garden is known worldwide for its diversity and ranks second in Europe for cactus collection. The town is small, but a walk along the promenade will leave you with a vivid memory and coastal pubs are an integral part of his charm.


Varna is the third largest city in the country and the largest one on the Black Sea shore. It is called the sea capital of Bulgaria. In the summer time, the city never sleeps and its nightlife is an attractive destination for any party animal. Crowded sea promenade and cozy restaurants impress many tourists annually. The Roman Baths are the historical pride of the city – a legacy from the Roman era. You can also enjoy the only Dolphinarium on the Balkans. Many museums are a delight for culture lovers and a walk along the famous Marine garden will relax even the most strained of you.


Nessebar is one of the most famous resorts in the country. Cozy taverns and breathtaking views fill the air with romance and magic. Located near Sunny Beach you will never be out of entertainment opportunities. With its geographical location and segmentation into old and new part, the resort is very attractive for surveillance from the sea.


Sozopol is the oldest city on the Bulgarian coast. Like Nessebar, the city is divided into old and new town which makes it very attractive for of the sea observation. Nearby are 3 out of total 5 islands in Bulgaria which make the view from coastal pubs and taverns truly inspiring. The marina is small but charming. From Sozopol you can buy some of the most authentic Bulgarian symbols and souvenirs and if you want to really capture the romantics of this place – there are many street artists that can paint you with the beautiful view in the background.


Pomorie is the third largest city on the Bulgarian coast and is one of the oldest. Situated on a rocky peninsula entering 3.5 kilometers into the sea it offers terrific view from a yacht. It attracts the tourists with it’s crystal clear water and unique black sands. Pomorie is  famous for its spa and medical facilities. “St. George” monastery, “Old Pomorie Houses” reserve and “Preobrajenie Gospodne” church, the Salt Museum are just some of the sights of this charming city.

Sveti Vlas

Sveti Vlas is perhaps the most attractive resort on the Black Sea. Situated at the foot of the Balkan Mountains it’s a mix of fresh mountain air with a warm maritime climate and fine golden sands. The city is famous with its top class modern marina – the best of all in the Black Sea. Here top class expensive and luxurious yachts can be seen regularly. Sveti Vlas is the top destination for any yacht lover.


Burgas is the second largest city on the Black Sea and is one of the fastest growing in Bulgaria. It is a modern and prosperous with lots of new projects, which makes it a true European port city. In the summer the city never sleeps, streets are lively and women – beautifull. For culture lovers there are many museums and ancient churches.  Like varna, the Marine Garden is the perfect place for anyone who likes relaxing walks.