If you are interested in a particular yacht we offer contact us via phone or email. After our reply you should confirm your reservation – the yacht is blocked for 2 days during which you should transfer the deposit. The remaining amount is given to representative of our company, usually the yacht\’s captain before boarding. Under “Yachts and prices” you can see parameters which are included in the price and ones which are not.

Bad weather conditions

In case of storm, dangerous sea or other bad weather conditions the company reserves its right to cancel the trip. In that case you will be able to re-appoint your reservation or cancel it. In case you choose to abolish your trip, your deposit will be refunded within 24 hours.

Yacht trip vouchers

Rental voucher is designed for customers who want to make unique gift to their friends. Everything is the same as if you want to rent a yacht – just make an inquiry. After that, when you confirm your reservation we will send you a digital voucher. The voucher is issued by name, for the one who will use it and an ID document will be requested before boarding.