Rent yacht from Varna for one unbelievable experience

Bulgaria Yachting company first started in Varna. We were created to provide our customers the best possible services. With our local marine competence we have proven that we can provide you with an experience you will never forget. You are offered great variety of yachts – sailing, motor, yacht from all different classes and price segments.

We are renting luxurious yachts as well as very affordable ones, available for everyone. You can get from us a whole charter or just a day trip with the yachts listed below.

Some of our yachts are very rare at the local market and can make your experience truly exclusive. Varna is a city with traditions in sailing, but only a few are the tourists who felt the magic of being alone in the sea on a luxurious yacht. Just some of the great destinations are the Romantika area, Pasha Dere, Fichoza and the bays among them. We have a great variety that can suit every taste –  romantic walks, high speed, wind magic or refined luxury and comfort. We can offer you the best offers due to our established key partnerships in our hometown. Trust us renting a yacht in Varna and you can choose the one that suits you best:

Van de stadt 40 – the jewel in bordeaux

Bavaria 34 Cruiser – the little big one

Bavaria 46 Cruiser – the charter leader

Jeanneau 40 – speed and style

Jeanneau 52 – luxury from another dimension

Azimut 55 fly – the luxury torpedo

Sea ray 370 – the favorable motor one

All yachts for rent ina Varna from Bulgaria Yachting

1. Yacht Van de Stadt 40

Van de stadt 40 – The right choice for day trips. With its unconventional and inimitable design it will make you feel exclusive in the sea. Everything in this boat is covered with style and individualism – high wheelhouse, stylish and tinted windows, mahogany finished cockpit, and last  but not least – its unique color that differs from most commercial yachts. It offers exotic sunbeds, cushions and attraction ball that complement its uniqueness and are perfect for customers who want to feel like they are in a bar, away from the coast. The vent interior will allow you to stand still inside unlike many yachts of the same class. We from Bulgaria Yachting want to promote yachting tourism and because of that we offer you this boat at a very competitive price – only 275 euro.
Price per day 275.00 €

Varna, Balchik

2. Yacht Jeaneau 52

Jeanneau 52 – Luxury and vastness – these are the main features associated with this vessel. This is the most modern yacht available in Varna area. Jeanneau is among the top yacht design leaders and with its 52 ft, we are talking about real high class here. Every detail is very well designed to make every moment on board special. Numerous skylights flood the interior with light and the exterior is covered with luxurious – leather, stainless steel and finely polished windows. The fancy saloon is located opposite the well-equipped kitchen, which has a comfortable dining area. This yacht is among the high-end yachts Bulgaria Yachting collection, perfect for day trips. If you want a day trip on yacht of the highest class – this is the choice for you.

Price per day 450.00 €

Varna, Balchik

3. Yacht Jeanneu 40

Jeanneau 40 – When you think of speed and style, this should be the first yacht that pops up in your mind. Jeanneau 40 is all about speed. Swiftness lovers can take advantage of this opportunity thanks to our company. It is also the right choice for scuba divers and extreme sports fans, as it has full diving equipment and a kite. The yacht impresses with stylish design and sharp lines. Its top speed ​due to high-end aerodynamics can make you feel like a sailing athletes. Suitable for day picnics and 3-day trips thanks to its vent bedrooms. The yacht has two handlebars that allow you to  securely experience the charm of driving a high speed yacht.
Price per day 300.00 €

Varna, Balchik

4. Yacht Azimut 55 fly

Azimut 55 Fly is the symbol of luxury and speed. If you want a very luxurious yacht to feel the true motor speed with – this is the boat for you. If you want to be the fastest, the most luxurious this is the right decision. Azimut 55 is a Flybridge series of the brand, whose designers gave inimitable style and true Italian touch. Its vip cab is full of light and freshness, and the deck contains enough comfort to make you feel like in a floating paradise. Azimut 55 – boat for speed and luxury lovers.

Price per day 1 600 €


5. Яхта Bavaria 46 cruiser

Bavaria 46 cruiser – truly impressive yacht, extremely convenient for long trips and charters. You will hardly find another yacht of the same class that offers so much space and comfort. With great sailing qualities and maneuverability the boat allows you to reach highest speed and makes you feel like a flying swan. At the outset you will be welcomed sleek and modern exterior with a high-end cockpit. The yacht has 3 double cabins and 3 showers, all with private bathrooms. Bavaria 46 – the best selection for your charter.

Price per 3 days 2 100 €


6. Яхта Bavaria 34 Cruiser

Bavaria 34 cruiser – this is the choice for those who want to escape the popular large yachts and experience something new. Despite its size Bavaria 34 cruiser will surprise you with ventless unexpected for a yacht of this size. Everything is well arranged and ordered, typical for the German brand – everything is at the right place, perfectly suiting your needs. Bavaria 34 – small but stylish and classy.

Price per 3 days 1 200 €


7. Яхта Sea Ray 350

Sea Ray 370 – This is the choice for customers who are seeking for low tariff motor yacht. Bulgaria Yachting aims to promote yachting tourism and we want to break the myth that motor yachts are only for millionaires. The boat impresses with its unique design and spacious cockpit. The creators of this yacht have tried to hide every sound and vibration from the engine to make your experience comfortable. Naval architects along with engineers from Mercury Marine achieved a maximum combination of fuel economy and unique speed. Sea Ray 370 – motor yachts are now available for everyone.

Price per 3 days 690.00 €