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If you want to rent a yacht in Sozopol, we would love to help you with your choice. Bulgaria Yachting is created to serve all sea lovers and we can offer you carefully selected luxurious sailing and motor boats for your vacation. Yacht trip in Sozopol is something that would make you fall in love with the city. Safe harbor in rough seas – perhaps this is the true definition of this city. Its shores, blocking the northeastern wind were vital in the past times, when the Greeks were traveling through Black Sea with their wooden ships. Apollonia was the first major city after the Bosphorus where the ancient sailors found security, fresh water, food and temples in which to offer thanksgiving sacrifices for their successful voyage. You can find parts of these treasures in the Sozopol museum.

The beginning was placed at the end of 7c. BC. Not long ago Sozopol celebrated its 2620 anniversary, making it the oldest Bulgarian city. The town had only one name change at all – from “City of Apollo” to ” City of salvation “- Sozopol. In June 2012 during excavations of Sozopol monastery, two graves were found, which attracted the attention of archaeologists, media and all tempted by the theme “vampires”. So the millennial history of that sea town was enriched with mystical elements. Bulgaria Yachting – the right choice for yacht trip in Sozopol. You can rent the following yachts – Salona 45, Bavaria 37 Cruiser

You can rent the following yachts – Salona 45, Bavaria 37 Cruiser

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Yacht Salona 45

Цена за 1 ден 530.00 €


Yacht Bavaria 37

Цена за 1 ден 500.00 €